Data & Programs

Here you will find information about finding data and/or programs generated or used in our publications. Please check back frequently for updates.

FitDadi Our Python package extending Dadi to infer a distribution of fitness effects. Please cite Kim et al. (2017 Genetics) as well as the original Dadi paper by Gutenkunst et al. (2009). You can also find input files to use our DFEs in other forward simulation programs here.

PReFerSim Forward simulation program for simulations under the Poisson Random Field model. Please cite Ortega-Del Vecchyo D (2016 Bioinformatics).

Foward_Neanderthal simulation program used in Kim & Lohmueller (2015) AJHG.

Allele frequency data from the Danish exome sequencing data published in Lohmueller et al. (2013) AJHG.

LabRetriever program for likelihood ratios for low-template forensic DNA evidence

Processed genetic map for Arabidopsis thaliana from Salome et al. (2012). Click here for README.