New in 2021!

  • Garcia & Lohmueller: Our paper on how negative selection can impact patterns of linkage disequilibrium between non synonymous variants has been published in PLoS Genetics. Congratulations to Jesse on his first lead-author publication!
  • Congratulations to postdoc Dr. Xinjun Zhang for receiving a NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence grant from NIGMS!
  • Congratulations to former PhD student Jazlyn Mooney for accepting a faculty position at USC! Also, check out Jazlyn’s new paper in PNAS about runs of homozygosity, identity by descent, and inbreeding depression in dogs. Jazlyn’s paper has received some media coverage!
  • Durvasula & Lohmueller: Our paper on how negative selection and demographic history can decrease the performance of genetic risk predictions in diverse populations has been published in AJHG! Congratulations to Arun for successfully completing his PhD and moving on to a postdoc position at Harvard!
  • Former postdocs Eduardo Amorim and Christian Huber started faculty positions at CalState Northridge and Penn State! Congratulations!

New in 2020!

  • Kyriazis et al: Our paper on how strongly deleterious recessive mutations can modulate extinction risk of small populations is now published in Evolution Letters.